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We are a mature rated guild consisting of mostly players in their mid 20's and older. Dedicated is the oldest guild on the Maiev server originally founded by Hemphiller. However Hemph had moved on to new ventures, and has trusted the guild in the hands of our new leader Saelyiana. Saelyiana has recruited and merged Shattered Legion together to form a new strong community of gamers. We are competitive in Dragon Soul and still raid the vintage raids for achievements. We are building a PVP team if members are interested. We offer two different core raiding teams that positions are earned, not handed out. No spot is a guaranteed spot in this guild. Dedicated is always recruiting active 85's who are looking to help build and become another guild to reckon with on the Maiev server. We have vent, a very well stocked guild bank and very supportive players. We aim on self goals, and progression and welcome anyone who is looking for a good time. You will not find drama in this guild- it is completely shunned. Leadership is key to success and right now- we have a fabulous leader. We are at guild level 25 of 25 levels. Currently raiding Dragon Soul on normal. We have two core raid teams running at two separate times during the week. We have around 500 members in our guild and growing strong. After a brief hiatus and a change of hands in guild leadership- we are on the rebound and coming back strong. We will be another guild to reckon with. Another guild who is out to achieve things. Another guild who is WORTH your time. We are what we say we are.... Welcome to our realm, welcome to our page... and welcome to Dedicated...

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Dedicated is on the Rise...

Deringer, Apr 25, 12 1:23 AM.
Thank you for finding our guild webpage, I urge members to register with the site so that we can establish a strong online community for those who wish. Raid schedules, and pvp times will be brought over and made use of on the calendar. New guild information will be updated and anything that is needing to be discussed is welcome to be brought forth in the guild message boards. We are here to all do the same.. succeed.. so let's put our heads together and see what Dedicated is all about! Show me how DEDICATED you are!
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